Ancient Medicine with a Modern Twist

Dear Patients,

Why I love using Micro-Current Color Light Electro-Acupuncture for my patients is that it combines the time tested theories and techniques of the ancient art of Acupuncture along with modern science and technology of electro-medicine.  It is ancient medicine with a modern twist.

I have a great opportunity for you to try the Micro-Current Electro-Acupuncture Therapy.   I [...] » Continue reading

Facial Rejuvenation Special

MicroCurrent Facial Rejuvenation Special!

Save an additional $70 with a purchase of 10 facial rejuvenation treatments.

For a limited time!  Must purchase by Saturday August 17, 2012.

Regular package price is $665.  With savings $595.

(Cost per individual treatment is $100.  (or $75 if you are eligible for a 25% discount through your health insurance plan).

*Non-transferable.  Not valid with [...] » Continue reading

Herbs for Immune Health

Herbs for Immune Health


Strengthen Your Defences - Naturally

 taken from http://www.suntenglobal.com/news/show.php?ID=548

Sometimes the immune system needs a little extra support. Take cold and flu season for example, when nasty germs seem to be flying around everywhere and anywhere.


How are Germs Spread?

During cold and flu months we spend more [...] » Continue reading

MicroCurrent Color Therapy and How it Can Help Transform Your Life

Find Out What MicroCurrent Color Therapy is All About and How it Can Help Transform Your Life!

Relief from acute & chronic pain with or without needles Acceleration of tissue healing for faster rehabilitation after injuries or surgery Soul healing & emotional balancing Used in the treatment of Facial Rejuvenation [...] » Continue reading

Essential Oils Everyone Should Have on Hand

Essential Oils ….are the volatile plant essences, in their purest most concentrated form, that have been extracted for use in aromatherapy. Oil is “essential” in that it carries the essence of the plant it was extracted from.

What’s in an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are made up of very tiny particles that enter the body either through the nose, by [...] » Continue reading